HoopDimes Podcast – Episode 2: LeBron James, 30-Deep, and the Nets

DV and Frankie Buckets talk about LeBron James thoughts this season on the play-in games, which they conveniently use as an excuse to curse on the podcast. Also, they speak on the possibilities for Los Angeles Lakers heading toward the postseason with the loss of Dennis Schroder, and the need for Anthony Davis to step up.

Throw in some Facundo Campazzo and Denver Nuggets talk, Frankie winning the prestigious 30-Deep fantasy basketball league, the Brooklyn Nets and deprioritizing of basketball, as well as some Filipino terms, and you have a complete mish-mosh for this second episode of the HoopDimes podcast! TALAGA?!?!

HoopDimes · Episode 2: LeBron James, 30-Deep, and the Nets

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